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Moving to remote work is something millions of people have had to do over the past month or so. It is not always a smooth transition, particularly for those who have spent years working in an office environment. However, since it is an essential part of life today, it is necessary to learn ways to adapt to this new form of working. The tips below can get you started with working from home effectively so that the transition is a lot smoother.


One significant aspect of working from home that people often overlook is scheduling their day. When working from home, it’s easy to assume your schedule can stay the same as it was in the office. However, small things can affect your days, such as energy levels, your morning routine, and other people’s schedules. Try to alter your plan until you find an option that works well for you. Also, consider changing your weekly routine so that you are conquering the more difficult tasks earlier on and can coast through the parts of the week where you feel less energized. Wake up at the same time every day, get dressed as if you were going to work, and find a place in your home where work gets done.

A good remote work schedule can look something like this: 7 am – Awake. Do skincare, stretch, make the bed, and get dressed. 8 am – Something for the soul. Do meditation, prayer, reading. 8:30 am Something for the brain. Start work, putting analytical tasks first. Noon-12:30 pm Lunch! 1:00-1:30pm time outside. Go for a walk. Read outside. 1:30-5:00 pm. Back to work. Focus on more abstract tasks at work. 5:00 pm. Express gratitude about the day to family.

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