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Right now, we are in the midst of an unprecedented work-from-home period. Many people are working from their homes for the first time in their lives, which can have a significant toll on their mental health. Add in the people who live alone, as well as those directly affected by illness, and there are a tremendous amount of people struggling right now. Managers and entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that their employees’ mental health is a major priority at all times, but especially now. To help manage your employees’ mental status, try the following techniques.


Just a few months ago, it might have been acceptable for you to meet with your employees once every week or two. Managers must show empathy and be available. In today’s climate, it is essential to increase the amount of time spent checking in with each of your employees. Just a quick message two to three times per day can make a big difference. Recognize the impact of isolation and loneliness. Make sure to have a video chat at least once a week, but preferably twice or more. See how their work is going, but also check in on their feelings. Are they struggling without face-to-face interaction? Find out if there are any ways you can help alleviate their concerns, even just a bit.

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